Walking a Path of Stepping-Stones

Erendira Jimenez-Pike is currently working on her Masters in Spirituality at Bellarmine University. She is completing her Learning Practicum this summer at the Passionist Earth and Spirit Center and is interested in eco-spirituality in the way of eco-justice, sustainability, and a Spirit Christology. She also cares about women’s spirituality and is passionate about exploring what it means to be a woman and the different ways women express and understand their relationship with the Divine. Erendira is particularly interested in the places these two intersect, specifically in the way that people express themselves through their clothing, by creating new pieces of artwork that have been naturally dyed, that can be worn on a daily basis, and engaging this is as a way to develop one’s spiritual life.

I came to this program by way of San Diego by way of Seattle and back through San Diego until I reached Kentucky. I started my journey through spirituality as an undergrad and felt so drawn to the importance of an individual’s lived experience of God that I knew I needed to learn more. When I say “lived experience” I don’t mean a purely emotional experience or what some might call a “mountain high.” I mean the experience that comes through a relationship with God through prayer, meditation, contemplation, but that it also requires action and engagement in the world. It is a position that sets oneself up for a dynamic spirituality that when attended to yields a care for creation, human and non-human, a care for oneself, and a care for the Source of All. And the beauty of the spiritual life is that for each individual this care will manifest differently and that care might shift from season to season.

I started this Masters program thinking that I would work with college students and/or emerging adults when I finished. I was an avid journaler and usually wrote my prayers out. These days, my direction has shifted. I am walking a path of stepping-stones. One passion leads me to another and so I jump, trying my hardest to follow the Spirit as She leads me, one idea onto the next. The path I thought I was taking when I started has veered and I find myself forging a new path through the world of eco and women’s spirituality.

These last two years I have journeyed through the world of academia and formal studies of spirituality to a place where my practice involves using my hands as a means of meditation. I have found that I love sewing, dyeing, and creating and I have found that this ties me to a community of women of ages past, it ties me to the created world, and it ties me to Jesus Christ. I cannot create without acknowledging that the tools that I use come from plant, flowers, trees, animals, and waste. I do not create independently from non-human nature; I am in relationship with creation because God is in relationship with creation. The Spirit moves in creation, and the Spirit moves in me. So my practice sets out to create in a way that in honoring to the land. My practice sets out to create in a way that honors the voices and the work of the women who have gone before me. My practice reflects on the life of Jesus the carpenter, his humanity and his divinity. My lived spirituality draws from the breath of the Spirit as I continue to discern her call and move into action in the world.

2 thoughts on “Walking a Path of Stepping-Stones

  1. Amen. I believe that being free to, as you say, “follow the Spirit,” and at the same time remaining rooted in a “practice” is to do all one can do in the service of God.

  2. How beautiful to be aware that we are all part of something much larger than ourselves. Being a part of God’s creation, Earth 13.2 million years in the making now, gives my life meaning.
    “Silence my soul.
    The trees are prayers.
    I asked the tree, Tell me about God.
    Then it Blossomed.”

    … let the Flow flow … tt

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